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  • 99.9% Uptime
  • NVMe SSD Storage
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Free Domain Registration
  • Enterprise Litespeed
  • Anti-DDoS Protection
  • Softaculous
  • Backups by JetBackup
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Multiple Affordable Hosting services to suit you perfectly

Unique Web Hosting solutions to fit almost any scenario, for both first-time users and professionals.

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Rs 269.78/mo

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Rs 655.18/mo

Our Company

A Brief Summary of Asura Hosting

We take Web Hosting to the next level and bring a whole new perspective when it comes to affordability in the web hosting space. Not only do we bundle our hosting plans with over $200+ worth of free software, we do that at no-renewal hikes either, a strict pricing model we have been practicing for almost a decade.
Our unique approach to affordability while offering premium products and services has helped us garner the trust of thousands of Business Owners, Freelancers, Smaller Web Hosts, Communities and Bloggers who manage and host their Websites under our hosting brand.
Our Company

Unique Partnerships

Asura Hosting is a proud partner of Cloudflare, Litespeed and a Certified PartnerNOC of cPanel. This allows us to bundle our hosting plans with the best software in the website hosting industry while staying true to our affordable pricing structure. It also gives us the ability to offer unique partner-only products and software.

Hosting Partner

Hosting Partner

Certified PartnerNOC

Reward System

Client Account Tiers

Be rewarded for your commitment! We award our loyal customers with our in-house developed account tier system that consists of 3 different tiers. Clients with an assigned tier get access to Exclusive products, Global lifetime recurring discounts and Instant provisioning on any product.
Awards are automatically assigned to clients who meet the requirements and do not require any manual intervention.

Security with CloudLinux

Cloudlinux offers enhanced security with its "Cage" like server environment, providing every separate account its own isolation preventing cross-account breaches while also providing you with more customization over your account.

Turbo Charged Servers

Our servers are optimized to the max, featuring Litespeed, Solid State Drives and Intel Xeon Processors. Litespeed is a drop-in replacement for Apache that is up to 6x faster at serving dynamic content and offers unique server-level caching.

FTP Access

Every hosting account comes with the ability to use FTP. You can directly access your account data with third-party applications like Filezilla.

Easily Make Payment

We support 3 different methods of payment on our platform including Bitcoin, Direct Credit/Debit card payment with Stripe and PayPal.

Upgrade at any time

Directly upgrade your account at any time within our Client Area. Upgrades are pro-rata priced, so you never lose value on the amount you have already paid. Upgrades are also instant and never put your account offline at any stage.

30-Day Refund Policy

We believe that you should get the service that you pay for or we don't deserve your money. We will refund your payment within the first 30 days if you are not happy with our product or service.

99.9% Uptime

Infrastructure supported by both leading Datacenters and Software providers, allowing us to achieve 99.9% Reliability on all our hosting services.

Optimized for Speed

Our servers are truly super-charged, featuring Litespeed, NVMe SSD Drives, and 10Gbit/s Ports our servers increase dynamic content rendering times by up to 1000%

24/7 Support

An ever-evolving Technical Support team that has an average response time of just 20 minutes with over 10,000 tickets solved to date.

Free Migrations

Coming from another web host? With thousands of migrations to date, our experienced technical team will migrate your entire web hosting account to our servers free of charge!

Free SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates have become the norm, with most websites now requiring one. All our hosting services come with the ability to install Free Unlimited SSL certificates that you can install on your domains/websites.

Install 400+ Applications

All Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting plans come freely equipped with Softaculous, an easy to use 1 click installer that allows you to install applications like WordPress, WHMCS and 400+ other applications in seconds.


What You Will Learn

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The Basics

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Working With Data

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Watch the Sample Video

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Beginner Friendly

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Become Pro in 30 Days

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Websites Development

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Apps Development

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Student Testimonials

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“Eget blandit faucibus amet feugiat ante semper mattis quam ornare senectus scelerisque consequat placerat quis a in etiam risus diam viverra mattis tellus.”
Lisa Hallway
VP of Products
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Luis Alberto
App developer
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James Carter
Front-end developer